Comprehensive Consulting services are usually utilized by businesses or counsel for complex problems. Professional and un-biased investigative advice provides an important step in integrating information available to them.

Furthermore, these services can also be used as investigative training for Risk Managers, Security Directors, Human Resource Directors and other specialized positions. Our consultants can teach them how to better gather information necessary to their individual position.

Depending on the request of services, it may require that one of our consultants meet with you or your company. It also may require that our agency hire other experts, investigators, or professionals specifically required to meet your needs. This is addressed on a case by case basis and any and all costs are cleared with the client in advance.

Please call us at: 888-876-8164

Or email your request to:
Detective is designed to draw cumulative knowledge from various professions, primarily private investigators, law enforcement, insurance and military professionals to provide investigative advice. By combining these professionals with an E-business, businesses and individuals are afforded a wealth of knowledge, information and direction, yet at a very reasonable cost. Problem solving is our profession.
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