Social Security Number Search
This search will provide the following information found to match the Social Security Number and Name provided:

Names and Aliases
Addresses - Current and up to 10 year Previous Listings
Post Office Box Numbers
Telephone Numbers - Current and Previous

This search will also provide the approximate date that the person was connected with each address.

The results are typically E-mailed in one business day or less.

No match, No charge!
If there are Absolutely no records found using the given social security number, and if no records can be developed with the given name, there will be no charge.
This search uses the social security number provided, however, the name must also be provided. If the SSN provided does not match the name, a name search is automatically conducted using the given criteria.
The Social Security Number Search provides information found nationwide for that person.
Overview of Search:
Social Security Search: $10
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Social Security Search: $10
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