Military Affidavit
This search is provided to verify if a person is, or is not, listed as Active in the US Armed Forces as defined by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which replaced the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.

This affidavit is required for certain legal proceedings. The search conducts an investigation to determine if the subject is active in the US Armed Forces and a direct search through the Defense Department.

The results will include a Notarized Affidavit and a copy of the Defense Department certificate.

This search WILL NOT provide any specific information regarding an individuals service with the US Armed Forces, except if they are currently active.

Turnaround time is typically the same business day. The results can either be faxed or emailed to the client, at no additional charge on the same day. Orders placed late in the business day, may go out the following day. The hard copy is then sent regular mail.
This search uses the Name and additional information to narrow the search to the correct individual. In the event that Detective can not verify the correct individual, the customer will be notified and will be refunded the full amount.
Overview of Search:
Military Affidavit $25:

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